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Tiger Face

ECOSENSE SOUVENIRS have been pioneers in India for wildlife T-Shirts. It was started in 1996, when Capt Suresh Sharma had to attend World Congress of Herpetology, in Sri Lanka. Capt Suresh Sharma had printed these wildlife T-Shirts, with manual screen printing, supported by his mother. Later when Capt Suresh Sharma got married, he and his wife had joined hands to print these, with this tiring manual process. These have remained as the best wildlife T-shirts in India for more than a decade, now.

Rajiv Kaul and Cheena Kaul, the founders of Intelligaia, have contributed significantly for promoting our mission. They produced most of the illustrations, for our T-shirts.

The proceeds will be used to support The Snake Cell.

These T-shirts have been printed with `manual screen printing process’, by Capt Suresh and Dr Rajbir, with their own hands.

  1. what about the price of this t-shirt and purchasing option.

  2. Capt. Sharma , I appreciate your efforts for this noble cause.

  3. The prints are quite sharp! well done, Suresh!

  4. how can v purchase the tshirts

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