Price List

We have a very limited stock of T-Shirts, as of now. The prices are very reasonable being introductory. Please consider the following points:

1. Ecosense Souvenirs a fledgling outfit, managed by family of Capt Suresh Sharma, devoted to nature conservation of India’s wildlife.

2. Our T-shirts are manually screen-printed products, with limited production quantities, per lot.

If  you like to support your wild life, then buy these products to become part of the society concerned about the ecosystem!

3. We may not be able to compete with companies and brands, for the prices. But we have invested our sincere most efforts. Also, please consider that we are not offering mass consumption products. We offer almost unique pieces of artwork carefully crafted, as a way to continue with our Mission of preserving and educating people, about India’s magnificent wildlife.

4. You are supporting a cause !


T-shirts are in various quality, sizes and colours. Majority, as of now, in white and very light colours. These are not to be worn in jungles. Just wear them where you live and work to spread the message, not to wear on jungle trips to tell the tigers that you care for them. We have following rates:

  1. Rs 175 each
  2. Rs 250 each
  3. Rs 350 each
  4. Rs 675- 750 each
  5. Rs 680 to Rs 1200 for Sweat Shirts, each. If you buy two then its Rs 1200 for two.  US$ 18 each.

EXTRA: Postage extra, depends on how you prefer to get it i.e. registered parcel of P&T, SpeedPost of P&T, courier service.

PAYMENT :   PayPal account

Bank Payment

Payment could be processed in the following account. Before you deposit money, please make sure that the account is the same. Do a cross check with the bank where you are tendering the money.  Please note that you have to add all the bank charges for money handling and courier charges, which depends on where is the destination of the parcel and how big is the parcel.Write to us before you deposit the money.



A/c No.    016104000082855

IFSC Code : IBKL0000016

Address of the Bank Branch

Once you have processed the payment, please send us the details of the payment and your address, the T-Shirt design you wish to buy. We will dispatch your parcel within 24 hours, after we have done confirmation with the bank.,

  1. This is wonderful way to contribute towards social cause which you have started.Please book 5 for me .Payment I will arrange in Chandigarh.



  2. I shall certainly buy one for this good cause.
    Size required – Extra large. (Size 44)
    Despatch through Courier or Speed post.
    Please let me know the cost of a Good quality Y-shirt including Packing & postage.
    Destination: Col K Mohandas
    Near Post Office
    CHITTUR (PALAKKAD) – 678101 Kerala, India
    Payment will be made as son as I am informed of the total cost.
    Regars, col Mohan

  3. when do I come for a cup of tea and a bag of tee??
    waiting for invitation…

    best wishes

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